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Selected Publications

See Google Scholar for a complete list.

Sumers, TR, Marino, K, Ahuja, A, Fergus, R, Dasgupta, I (2023). Distilling internet-scale vision-language models into embodied agents. ICML (paper

Sumers, TR, Ho, MK, Griffiths, TL, Hawkins, RD (2023). Reconciling truthfulness and relevance as epistemic and decision-theoretic utility. Psychological Review (paper)

Sumers, TR, Hawkins, RD, Ho, MK, Griffiths, TL, Hadfield-Menell, D (2022). How to talk so your AI will learn: Instructions, descriptions, and autonomy. NeurIPS (paper)

Sumers, TR, Ho, MK, Hawkins, RD, Narasimhan, K, Griffiths, TL (2021). Learning Rewards from Linguistic Feedback. AAAI (paper, talk)

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